G500H Available at Hillsboro Aviation

Hillsboro Aviation, a Bell Helicopter Customer Service Facility, is pleased to announce the availability of the Garmin G500H for helicopters. The G500H bring superior safety and utility to real-world helicopter operations. Garmin’s G500H dual-screen electronic flight display provides an affordable flight solution that meets the needs of the most demanding helicopter missions.

Dual 6.5-inch LCD screens, mounted side-by-side in a single bezel, put Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi-Function Display (MFD) capabilities right in front of the pilot for easy scanning and interpretation. The PFD screen shows attitude, airspeed, altitude, climb rate and course/heading information — while the left side MFD provides detailed moving-map graphics depicting the helicopter’s current position in relation to ground features, chart data, navaids and flight plan routings. To help monitor the aircraft’s location on unfamiliar airports, the G500H comes with preloaded geo-referenced SafeTaxi® diagrams for over 900 U.S. airports, as well as a trial version of Garmin FliteCharts®.

Specially adapted to the needs of helicopter operators, Garmin’s HSVT™ (Helicopter Synthetic Vision Technology) brings a powerful graphical perspective to the G500H. Available as an option, HSVT can make a world of difference when visibility is less than ideal.

Using sophisticated computer modeling to recreate a virtual topographic landscape from the system’s terrain alerting database, HSVT gives you a clear depiction of ground and water features, airports, obstacles and traffic — all shown in 3-D perspective on the Primary Flight Display. Garmin’s HSVT graphics look so real, it is almost like having a clear-day “out-the-window” view of your flight situation — even in the darkest nighttime VFR or other low-visibility conditions.

Proven AHRS attitude/heading reference delivers high-precision spatial sensing for the G500H digital instrumentation — replacing old-style gyros and giving the pilot the benefits of greater situational awareness.

HTAWS is also available with an upgrade which is a modification of the 400W-500W series navigators.

Garmin also produces the G500 and G600 glass cockpits for general aviation fixed-wing aircraft.

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