Top 5 Reasons to Choose Private Charter in 2023
May 10, 2023

Looking for a travel experience that offers unparalleled convenience, freedom, and comfort? Look no further than a...

Max Lyons Honored at Living Legends of Aviation
March 10, 2023
Why You Should Consider Private Charter
March 1, 2023

In today’s world, the flexibility afforded by aircraft charter can save you valuable time and helpincrease efficiency....

Hillsboro Aviation, Avfuel, and Neste Introduce Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in Oregon
August 23, 2022

As Hillsboro Aviation (KHIO) accepted its first load of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel this month, the FBO—in...

Hillsboro Aviation Achieves IS-BAO Stage 3 Certification
Hillsboro Aviation Achieves ISO9001 and AS9110 Certification
January 7, 2022

We're honored to announce that we have achieved ISO9001 and AS9110 certification. This significant achievement places...

Hot Start: Vertical Magazine Fire Feature
August 6, 2021

"We have flown more [firefighting] hours, year-to-date, than we did in 2018, 2019, and 2020. Right now, the...

Hillsboro Aviation Recognized in Intermountain Region Wright Brothers Aviation Award
August 1, 2021

Hillsboro Aviation is honored to have been a member of the Mount Rainier Helicopter Program, which has been awarded the...

How to Find the Best Avionics Shop
March 11, 2021

A little research is all it takes when it comes to finding the best avionics shop to do your repair, install, or...

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