Hillsboro Aviation Makes Purchase to Grow Bell Service and Support

To expand its parts sales capabilities and its support of Bell medium helicopters, Hillsboro Aviation has purchased the tooling and equipment of the Heli-Trade Corporation and is offering for sale its complete line of parts, Bell 205 fuselages and STCs.

Founded in 1957, Heli-Trade Corporation has been the worldwide industry leader in maximizing safety and performance for Bell 205/UH-1 helicopters. The company offered repairs and service, as well as aftermarket upgrades. Heli-Trade was a Bell Helicopter Textron Customer Service Facility (CSF) and an FAA Repair Station that provided component, airframe and engine maintenance for the Bell 204, 205, 206 and 212 series helicopters and the T53 engine series.

The tooling and parts acquired from Heli-Trade allow Hillsboro Aviation to be poised for growth as a leader in the Bell medium helicopter support and service market. This increases Hillsboro Aviation’s current maintenance capabilities which include being an FAA Repair Station and a factory-authorized service center for Bell light helicopters, Robinson helicopters, Cessna airplanes and Lycoming engines.

In order to facilitate this growth in parts sales and maintenance services, Hillsboro Aviation recently purchased a 190,000-square-foot property at the Hillsboro Airport. The property includes a new office and warehouse facility which enhances the company’s current locations by providing extra office, shop and parts inventory space. Hillsboro Aviation also increased its parts sales staff to support this growth.

“We are extremely excited about the opportunities that our new facility and the purchase of Heli-Trade’s tools and equipment will bring us.  Also, its parts, STCs and Bell 205 fuselages really enhance our catalogue of products for sale. Heli-Trade has developed a reputation as an industry leader in the service and support of Bell medium helicopters.  Purchasing its tools and assuming management of its inventories and STCs enable Hillsboro Aviation to take the next step toward becoming a leader in Bell service and support,” said Max Lyons, Hillsboro Aviation’s president and owner.

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