Hillsboro Aviation Announces Green Focus on New Building and FBO

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Hillsboro Aviation announced its focus on green technology and resources on its new corporate headquarters and FBO at the Portland-Hillsboro Airport (KHIO). The building, which is the second phase of a three-phase 425,000 square foot development project, is set to open in May 2016. The company has designed the building with an emphasis on energy efficient systems and has partnered with Green Endeavor, Inc. to complete an eco-evaluation of the products in its flight support services.

Eco-friendly designs include plans for a photovoltaic electrical charging system, LED lighting, electric vehicle charging stations, radiant heating, and a highly efficient storm water system. Hillsboro Aviation will also provide customers the option of unleaded fuel to help reduce lead emissions.

“We are proud to be designing an eco-friendly building that will accommodate our growing needs as we continue to expand our business,” said Max Lyons, President and owner of Hillsboro Aviation and Chairman of Helicopter Association International. “It is important to us that our growth plans are both sustainable and create a minimal impact on the environment around us.”

The company also partnered with Green Endeavor, Inc., a leading provider of eco-focused solutions. Hillsboro Aviation is one of the first of its kind to undergo this type of comprehensive evaluation and procurement of environmentally-focused solutions.

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