Why You Should Consider Private Charter

In today’s world, the flexibility afforded by aircraft charter can save you valuable time and help
increase efficiency. Aircraft charter puts you in charge, cutting extensive travel times and
allowing you to be more productive with every precious minute.

Travel between multiple locations in the region and to destinations that are not conveniently
near key airports leads to a significant time drain. Driving around the region to conduct all your
business takes days. While commercial flights can reduce that time, it often isn’t by much.

Commercial flight and ground transportation logistics can themselves be extensive. Flights to
smaller airports are limited and time must be added for flight transfers, including the layover
between transfers.

For smaller airport destinations, a delay or cancelation of one commercial flight can put you a
whole day behind schedule. And then there is the time that must be added for ground travel to
a final destination that is not near a commercially served airport.

Save Time and Increase Flexibility

Aircraft charter eliminates all of these time black holes. With aircraft charter, your ride is ready
and waiting when you need it. There is no requirement to arrive an hour or more before your
flight to check in and clear TSA. Your aircraft is ready to take off when you arrive. You are also
not limited to specific airports. Your aircraft can pick you up at any airport in the country (or
safe landing zone in the case of a helicopter), saving you considerable time.

Your charter aircraft can also take you to any airport, not just those served by commercial
airlines, to deliver you closer to your final destination. This increased flexibility pays off, cutting
down ground transportation time to get you in and out of your destination quickly. With a
charter aircraft, you can cut several days of site visits around the region down to a day or two.
Aircraft charters also put you in control of your time. You are no longer rushed to make a flight.
About to close a deal or need to add one more destination? No problem. Your aircraft is waiting
to go whenever you are. Change your itinerary as needed and can stay as long as you require.
No sweat.

Your charter aircraft also provides more flexibility when weather is a concern. In addition to
avoiding road closures and hazardous road conditions, you also have access to more alternate
airport destinations should your destination airport be weathered in. A commercial airline is required to divert to a much further away airport where the airline has other flights, which puts
you considerably behind schedule. Your charter aircraft has more options with the ability to
land at any nearby open airport.

Also, your full-service aircraft charter takes care of all your logistics, freeing you to focus on
what’s important. A reputable aircraft charter services will arrange for your ground
transportation and any other specific requests to ensure you trip runs smoothly from start to

Many businesses with multiple job sites and customers round the region benefit from aircraft
charter, such as construction businesses, lumber companies, property managers, and law firms.
Busy executives also utilize aircraft charter to limit travel time and extend leisure. Imagine
going from your front door in Portland to a tee time in Palm Springs in a little under four hours.

Aircraft Charter vs The Alternatives

Charter aircraft come in many sizes and varieties to fit numerous budgets. What they all have in
common, though, is convenience and time savings.

For instance, driving to Medford from Portland can take four hours. A commercial airline flight
between the two takes an hour if a direct flight is available. However, depending on the day of
the week and time of the year, there could be as little as one direct flight a day, leaving you tied
to the airline’s schedule.

With a turbo-prop aircraft charter, you can arrive at Hillsboro Airport a few minutes before
takeoff, with your plane fueled and ready to leave when you are. You arrive in Medford 50
minutes later with no lines for luggage, taxis, or rental cars. Your car is waiting as you step off
the plane and you are immediately on your way to your destination. Your aircraft is fueled and
ready to get you home on your schedule.

Or perhaps you’re looking to enjoy a weekend wine tasting in Napa Valley. An aircraft charter
can have you sipping wine as you enjoy the rolling vineyard landscape of one of the world’s
premier wine countries in a little over two hours. Our aircraft land at any of the many small
airports around the valley, delivering you as close as you like to your destination at the time of
your choosing while avoiding all the hassles of commercial travel.

Discover Aircraft Charter

To learn more about the many valuable benefits of an on-demand aircraft, how aircraft charter
works, and ways to include it in your travel budget, please give our Hillsboro Aviation’s Charter
team a call at 503-648-2831. We are standing by to boost your business and personal travel

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